Until now, I didn't find the time to write, because I was working on my project. Yesterday, it was finally started!

Our project WIPmania provides a number of free products and services based on WorldIP geolocation database: so there are database itself, API for developers and Firefox plugin that displays up-to-date information about geographic location of a Web server you are currently visiting.

I didn't like other databases of IP addresses because of quality and price, so I have decided to create my own.
Price. I know two free databases, but they both provide whois data, that means not real location of the network itself, but the location of the network owner. WIPmania's main feature is just the emphasis on the real geographic location of network, this information is much more accurate.
As far as quality is concerned, even the industry giants use the whois data, without paying attention to their correctness (or, more precisely, its absence).

In the beginning, I naively thought to make the database through a few weeks and post it in my blog, but I didn't suppose that it costs so much time and structural changes: some developers, some servers around the world, our own technologies and a lot of months of hard work (a huge part of manual work).

Technical data:

The WorldIP database is available for immediate download in any of the following formats:
  • CIDR (used in nginx web server);
  • Text-based format (available in three languages);
  • SQL format, using IP numbers instead of IP addresses for quick and simple search. It is easy to convert, there is a function ip2long ($ ip_address) in PHP available.
    There are also tables with country codes and the names of these countries in three languages.

API is written in C++ for the highest possible speed, the answer will be generated extremely fast, the request time depends only on the channel delay.
The answer and the request to API have very simple structures and are really fast. For exemple, the request from the chinese server to the server in France takes approximately 0.6 seconds (the longest path). In Europe, this would be 0.01-0.1 second, for America - about 0.08-0.25 seconds. API is free for up to 10,000 queries a day, that's enough for most projects, if you aren't Google:)

The project is written in Django, of course:)

More detailed information can be found on the pages or in OpenBlog of WIPmania. All tools are free, the database is under a Creative Commons license.

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