I am planing to buy a notebook. With Linux OS. It is known, that Dell delivers the notebooks with Ubuntu in the USA, I thought, what about the other manufacturers? I have sent the request to the 13 leading firms in Germany - Acer, Asus, Benq, Dell also, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Lenovo, LG, Maxdata, MSI, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba:
whether a notebook with installed Linux or minimum with FreeDOS could be acquired. And if they are only to buy with windows, whether I could to get money for it back because I don't intend to activate it and to donate to Microsoft. And whether in that case the guarantee on hardware does not get lost. I have written to Dell, when in Germany the notebooks with Linux or without OS at all could be bought.

There are the results:

Acer - with Linux (Linpus) two models TravelMate 2493NWLMi and 2492NLMi could be delivered. In the other models windows can be uninstalled of course, but the money don't be given back. Without OS the notebooks will not be offered. By the installation of Linux the guarantee doesn't get lost.

Asus and MSI - ignored stubbornly all my letters. Until I called and inquired they personally. So there are only the notebooks with windows, in case of its deinstallation doesn't get lost the guarantee too.

Benq - has told me about the successful cases of the Linux-installation :-) but as far as I understood they don't give this possibility themselves. On the web page it's also, there are only the laptops with windows to order.

Dell - grasped the situation quickly, didn't answer my questions but right sent me an offer :-) far from being the cheapest notebook but with FreeDOS. The same device with windows home (there aren't any notebooks with FreeDOS on its web page at all - for it perhaps must be asked personally) is 166€ more expensive!!
I know, in USA Dell offers the notebook model with Ubuntu cheaper, as well as with windows home now

Fujitsu, Lenovo, LGe - only with windows. Delivery without OS is not possible.

HP - doesn't offer the notebooks with already installed Linux OS presently. However is possible with FreeDOS. Under following link are the informations about the Linux support.

Maxdata - possible without operating system too. Then the devices will be delivered with DR DOS. Linux is not in plans.

Samsung - with Windows XP or Vista in the delivery. Linux will be not supported.

Sony - only Windows, Linux will be not supported and not planned.

Toshiba - only Windows, full guarantee is only by the tested on the compatibility OS!!!
Although in internet it is rumored, that Toshiba is planing to make computers with Ubuntu...

Yes, all firms do not return the money for the unactivated Windows!

The results:
If you wouldn't like to spend for Windows, there are only 4 firms available: Acer, Dell, HP, Maxdata (only in Europe)

P.S. MacBook not forget - is real alternative to the above-named, it is however more expensive than the other models with the same specification.

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