The test determines the performance of frameworks in an identical conditions for the uncomplicated projects like "Hello, world".
By offers from the previous post I have conducted the small additional test into which have also entered Zend Framework (PHP), CakePHP and, by the way, I have decided to test an young and interesting Pylons (Python).
PHP frameworks I tested both without and with eAccelerator 0.9.5
Besides I’ve corrected the mistake which has been found out in the test by RoR 1.2.1.
So by requests I tested TurboGears with various template engines.

I started ApacheBench C5 two times and also C100
ab -c 5 -n 1000 
ab -c 5 -n 1000 
ab -c 100 -n 10000
CodeIgniter and CakePHP are started with eAccelerator without problems, as for Zend, it works in console, but under FastCGI with the accelerator gives out the following:
Fatal error: Cannot access protected property Zend_Controller_Front::
$_plugins in /srv/zend/library/Zend/Controller/Front.php on line 130
By means of an accelerator the performance of PHP-frameworks became 4.4-6.4 times as much. Owing to that CodeIgniter received the second-place after django.

Pylons has appeared simple in apply, and fast too.

In test of RoR I have committed a following mistake:
it was necessary config/environment.rb to change in RAILS_GEM_VERSION = '1.2.1'
besides I has found out, that in the controller it is also possible to add " session:off ", thereby to accelerate the work. So after correction, framework has really shown much the best results, thus overtaken TurboGears.

For Turbogears besides standard Kid, I have also tested Cheetah, Genshi and Jinja. For simple text template Cheetah is about 1.35 times fasters then Kid.

Test of frameworks

PS: for everyone who accused me of bias - I regarded to all frameworks equally. But I need one of these for a serious project and the most important is a stability under very high load and speed of course. Even such simple project "hello world!" has given a notion of this and of project complication on framework.
And so django has been chosen. I didn’t know a python, but I needed quick short to understand in django and in some days I have made pair small projects (including this blog). Yes it has appeared the brightest too - bingo. To tell the truth, I have thought that Pylons can appear more quickly :-) by the way, it is very nice and convenient framework too.
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